5 Essential Fishing Tips | Hunting Supplies | Greenville, NC

Greenville Marine’s wants to help our customers find the right hunting supplies and guns & ammo in Greenville, NC. Now that Spring is in full-swing, you can enjoy the benefits of great fishing weather. Here are 5 fishing essentials to try today!

1. Mark Up Your Soft Baits

Add some realistic patterns to your soft-plastic baits with some permanent markers.  This gives them a unique fish-attracting appearance.

2. Cut Down on Tangles

The wind knot can be prevented and greatly reduced if you flip over the bail manually on your rotating reel after you cast. This will prevent the line from twisting as it moves its way from the bail to the line roller, which is what it does when if the bail snaps shut by itself by turning the reel handle.

3. Dress-Up The Jigs

Diamond jigs are a classic striped bass, bluefish and cod lure that can be dressed with a bare hook, a colored tube, or a feathered Siwash hook. The faster you can switch out these different dressed hooks to find the color and style that the fish are responding to, the faster you will be into fish. To do this, replace the split ring on the bottom of your diamond jig with a sturdy lure clip and swap out hook styles.

4. Stay on Top

If when you’re fishing a topwater lure and the stripers keep messing up on the plug or tail-slapping, try stopping and count slowly to five. Lures that are bobbing on the surface seem like a stunned baitfish, which are seen as easy pickings to the fish, and this will often draw more of an aggressive strike.

5. Cripple Your Baitfish

Frisky bait can be tough for predators to chase down. To slow it down, try clipping the tail fin with a pair of small scissors down the middle of the tail.

Need More Help?

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