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Greenville Marine loves helping all of our customers with their hunting supplies in Greenville, NC. Something we’re going to talk about is how to hook a minnow. A lot of people choose to use minnows as live bait because they can easily attract fish. They are, however, hard to hook/use and it can take awhile to get a hang of. There are 3 ways to typically hook some bait. It all depends on whether or not you intend to cast multiple times with the bait or if you want to want to drift fish. You can hook it through the lip, the spine, or through the tail. Each is effective in its own way, though some methods aren’t easy for everybody. Familiarize yourself with each method, and see which works best for you! Here is our guide to using a minnow for bait. Here are our tips to hook minnows.

1. Through the Lips

If you need to cast multiple times, the best way to cast is through the minnow’s lips. This will let the minnow wiggle freely while also letting you cast multiple times. Start with the lower lip and go to the upper one so that the hook is upright.

2. Through the Spine

The spine is a great way to hook your minnow to prolong the minnow’s lifespan as bait. This is the most effective method as it makes it more effective as bait. Make sure you hook it just under the spine as to not paralyze the minnow. You want it to be able to wiggle so it attracts fish.

3. Through the Tail

If you don’t need to cast multiple times and want to leave your line in the water, then hooking the minnow through the tail is a great method to use. This method is typically used for people that are drift fishing.

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