Boat registrations and fishing licenses……

We do boat registrations on the side that sells the boats, motors and trailers. It is the building on the left when you turn onto Marine Drive.   We have 3 ladies that can help you.  We also do fishing and hunting licenses.. Go to the tackle,archery,and hunting building for that service.  Jamison and Wesley can help you update your licenses..  That building is on the right side when you turn onto Marine Drive.  As always, thank you for your business.

Holiday Hours!

Holiday Hours for Thanksgiving week. The marine and boat side will be open Monday thru Wednesday the 24th. Closed the 25th for Thanksgiving and closed Friday and Saturday. (26th and 27th). We will be closing at 5:00 for the offseason on the boat side.

The tackle, archery, and gun side will be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving. They will be open Friday and Saturday at their normal hours.
Have a great week with family and friends!