How to Decide on the Right Boat | Guns & Ammo Greenville NC

Greenville Marine & Sport Center in Greenville NC knows that with Summer just around the edge that many of us are going to be hitting the water soon. Buying a boat is one way you can hit the water in style, however, this can be a hard decision to make. We’ve compiled a list of things that you must consider before you buy a new boat.

1. Is it Affordable?

Too many buy the boat of their dreams without thinking about the true cost and responsibility that comes with owning a boat. There is the cost of the boat itself, the monthly maintenance cost, and the annual cost. Boats are also extremely inefficient when it comes to gas or diesel because the boat uses more energy pushing through water. When thinking about the expenses, the general rule is you should expect to pay between 10-15% of the replacement value per year.

2. What Will The Boat be Used For?

Boats are used for many different ways. The best thing to do will be to consult your salesperson. Some people use boats for fishing, sailing, cruising, water sports, etc. The list is endless. Be sure to think of all the people in your family and what their desires are for trips on the water. This will help you decide what type of boat is the best for you.

3. Where Will it Be Used?

This really comes down to whether you boat will be used for salt water or for freshwater. You need to determine how big your trips are, how many people would be going, what activities will you be doing, etc. Again it’s best to consult your salesperson on the places you’ll want to take your boat. You should also learn what are in the boat’s capabilities.

4. New or Used?

This plays a lot in to deciding whether or not the particular boat is affordable. Though older boats will be more affordable, you also have to be aware of the cost it will take to maintain an older boat. You should buy a new boat if you can afford to have someone fix it, or you have the time and knowledge to fix it yourself.

Need More Help?

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