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Greenville Marine’s wants to help our customers find the right hunting supplies in Greenville, NC. With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide which is the right fishing rod for you. Here is our exclusive break down of fishing rods that may be right for you and your needs.

1. 7′ Medium Heavy Rod

This fishing rod is best for multiple types of all baitcasting setup. It’s user-friendly for jigs, spinnerbaits, soft plastic stick baits, and Texas-rigged baits. It can also be used for even more. It’s the best bet if you just want to invest in having just one fishing rod right now.

2. 7′ Medium Rod

You can set up this rod for jerk bait, topwater, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits. It is also usable for weighted soft plastic.

3. 7′ Heavy Rod

This rod is best for jigs and pitching soft plastics for shallow cover. It can handle small swimbaits and topwater baits like buzz baits. The faster gear ration allows for an angler to cover water quickly.

4. 7’6” Heavy Rod

Because of the weight, it can be used for heavy cover techniques like topwater frogs, buzz baits, and swimbaits. Another thing it can be used is for flipping and punching soft plastic baits into heavy vegetation.

5. 7′ Medium Crankbait Rod

this rod handles small/medium diving crankbaits and lipless crankbaits.

6. 7′ Medium Spinning Rod

This fishing rod can be used for drop-shot, shakey head, and wacky-rig. It’s spinning rod is good for light line techniques and finesse techniques.

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