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There’s nothing that Greenville Marine values more than safety when it comes to guns and ammo in Greenville, NC. That’s why we wanted to give you the tips you need when it comes to gun safety and hunting. A lot of mishaps and accidents happen when people don’t quite recognize the weight of responsibility when it comes to fire arms. Guns and ammo are designed to kill, and that comes with a huge responsibility for those handling it. Safe fire-arm practices are second-nature to the well-trained hunter. Follow the tips below to be a effective, responsible, and safe hunter this Summer!

1. Know Your Safe “Zone of Fire”

Staying strictly within your zone of fire is one of the most important practices when it comes to gun safety. Your zone of fire is a 45 degree area in front of you. You are never to fire outside of these 45 degrees. Anything outside of it is not within your eye sight and is not considered safe to pursue. Your zone of fire is also changes every step and move you make. Make sure each position you take is safe. Be aware of where your other hunting partners are and be sure to communicate with your partners constantly.

2. Practice Control

Hunting can be thrilling, but be aware that this can also lead to reckless behavior. Make sure that you keep your excitement in check and that you don’t let it cloud your judgement. If you feel like your excitement is getting the better of you, then you need to slow down and take a break. You should also communicate this to your partners, and they should respect your decision. Safety is the most important part of the hunt, and no kill is worth risking safety. It’s also statistically proven that the calmer hunters yield better results.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Going to a shooting range and practicing hitting targets is important for any hunter at various levels. Before you try hunting for the first time, have new equipment, or you’re well seasoned, you should constantly be practicing your skills. You should be consistently hitting your targets at the range. If you are finding that you don’t do well at the range for whatever reason, then you are not ready to hunt. That’s okay! Practice is the best way to get better, and if you’re determined, then you should be ready in no time!

4. Know Your Target

If you can’t clearly make out what you’re shooting, then you should not shoot! Anything you shoot should be 100% clear to you. It’s not worth taking the risk.

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There’s nothing that Greenville Marine values more than safety when it comes to guns and ammo in Greenville, NC. We have been serving Pitt and Beaufort counties and Eastern North Carolina for 44 years. We want to be your one stop destination for rods, reels, tackle, hunting equipment, guns, ammo and boats, motors and trailers.
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