How to Maintain Your Boat | Guns & Ammo Greenville NC

Greenville Marine & Sport Center in Greenville NC knows that with Summer just around the edge that many of us are going to be hitting the water soon. For those of you who own a boat, we wanna give you 3 routine maintenance tips that will definitely pay off in the long run.

1. Check the Propeller

You should inspect your propeller if you have an outboard or stern drive boat before you plan your trip. Get a deep well socket to take off the propeller several times during the boating season to make sure nothing, such as fishing line, has gotten in it. If you think there is fishing line in it, you may want to take it in to your dealer to inspect it as it may be to tricky to do on your own.

Other things to check for are dents, nicks, or really anything that could have harmed it. Having a properly functioning propeller is crucial for your boat. A damaged propeller could make your boat burn too much fuel, can vibrate and cause damage to the bearings and seals.

2. Get an Oil Change

Boats need oil changes too. The amount of times you need to get it changed really depends on the model, but you typically need to change it ever 100 hours of operation or once a year. Y0u can either do it yourself, or take it to your local dealer. If you decide to change it yourself, you should be able to check your owner manual for proper procedures you should take. Also be sure that you use marine grade oil as boats work very differently than car engines.

3. Wash Your Boat

It seems like the simplest item on the list, but it is the most important, especially if you take  your boat out in to salt water. Be sure to rinse it after every outing in salt water. Salt can corrode metal, fasteners, and hardware if it’s left on for too long. You can ideally use any soap designed for boats, but car wash soap will do the trick as well.

Need More Help?

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