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This summer is already off to a hot start! Just like you should protect your skin from powerful UV rays, you should think about protecting your boat from UV damage as well. Constant exposure from the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to different parts of your boat, resulting in avoidable repairs and costs.

One of the costliest ways UV light damages your boat is by deteriorating the boat’s gel coat. The gel coat is a layer of resin that acts as the outer skin to your boat’s hull or deck and is often pigmented to give your boat its color. Its main purpose is to protect the fiberglass layers underneath from any water or moisture. Even the best gel coats will require maintenance since they are the first layer of defense from the elements. UV rays will break down the pigment in gel coats and cause your boat’s color to fade to a dull shade of its former self. They can also cause the outer surface to turn chalky and deteriorate your gel coat over time. The best way to maintain and protect your gel coat is by regularly cleaning and waxing your boat.

Sunlight and UV rays are also very damaging to your boat’s interior. The most common form of interior damage is discoloration. Nothing is sadder than seeing your once vibrant upholstery now look dull, faded, or cracked. The light from the sun causes chemical reactions to the pigments in vinyl and fabrics, causing them to fade. Depending on what fabric is used for your upholstery (vinyl, leather, suede, etc.), the rate of fading will differ, but they all will eventually lose their vibrance after prolonged exposure to the sun. The best way to protect your interior is to use a boat cover when your boat is not in use.

Owning a boat is a big investment, so it is important to take care of it as best as you can. Even though being out on the water on a sunny day can be a great joy, those sunny days can add up and become an invisible threat if proper maintenance is not performed. Regularly cleaning, waxing, and covering your boat will allow it to look as good on its fifth year as it did on its first. The time and energy you put into taking care of your investment will save you from having to burn cash on reupholstering or applying a new layer of gel coat to your boat.