Quick Guide: How to Avoid Boating Accidents | Hunting Supplies | Greenville, NC

Greenville Marine’s wants to help our customers find the right hunting supplies in Greenville, NC. Greenville Marine knows that with us being on the cusp of Spring, it’s time to start thinking about prepping your boat for boating season. Boating is a very fun activity to do in the Spring, but it can also be dangerous at times. Most boating accidents are preventable. Here is a quick guide on how to avoid boating accidents.

1. Take a Safety Course

Taking a safety course isn’t always mandatory, but it’s extremely advised. A safety course ensures that you know all the ins and outs of any given situation. Don’t take a chance, take a safety course so that you’re prepared to take on anything on the water.

2. NEVER Drink and Drive

A lot of people think that the rules are different on the water but they’re not! You are just at risk to yourself and others if you’re behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Make sure that you keep a clear head while you’re out on the water ALWAYS.

3. Be Careful with Speeding

The rules are no different out on the water than they are on the road. Even if you think you’re under control, you never know what could happen. Make sure that you go a reasonable speed so that you don’t lose control out there.

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