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Greenville Marine & Sports Center’s hunting supplies in Greenville, NC are the best in the area. We know that the final Summer months means that you wanna get out on the water while you can. Getting out on the water is a great recreational activity, but it also does come with its risks. Water is actually a highly reflective surface for the sun to bounce off of. Because of this, it’s very important to be strict with sun safety while boating. Here are tips to take care of your skin while boating!

1. Sunscreen

When you go out on the boat, you should be using 30 SPF at the LEAST. Make sure that you apply an ample amount of sunscreen. Do not skimp on this. Also make sure that you put on sunscreen before you even get on the boat. It takes about 30 minutes for the Sunscreen to really kick in, so make sure that you put this on before you head over to the boat. Also make sure that you have enough to reapply. You should aim to reapply every 2 hours–this depends on if you’ve gotten in the water or have been sweating. Being diligent with your sunscreen is an important step, do not skip it.

2. Hats

Your face is extremely sensitive to UV Rays. Make sure that you find a hat that you feel comfortable in. It’s a great way to give your face and scalp some relief from the sun. Typically wide brimmed hats work the best, but a simple base ball cap will do as well.

3. Seek Shade Often

If you don’t need to be in the sun, sit in the shade. Sitting in the shade lets you give your skin a slight break from the sun that it needs. Being on the water is hard on your skin because the sun is reflecting all over the surface of the water. Sitting in the shade lets your skin breath after being on full blast.

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