Talking to Your Kids About Gun Safety | Guns & Ammo | Greenville, NC

Greenville Marine’s wants to help our customers find the right hunting supplies and guns & ammo in Greenville, NC. The most important thing that anybody needs to understand about guns is how to be safe. If you’re a hunter and you have children in your house, then you’ll need to have a conversation about guns and safety so that you can keep your home and family safe. Here are 3 things you need to explain to your children about gun safety today.

1. Explain That it’s Not a Toy

Children are exposed to a lot. A lot of children have a general understanding of guns from television, video games, and even toys. The most important thing you can do is explain that there’s a big difference between your gun and what they see on the screen. Guns can pose serious and dangerous consequences and are to be taken seriously.

2. Set a Good Example

The best thing you can do is to set a good example. Make sure that you are regularly reminding your self the pinnacles of gun safety and that you’re storing it away safely as well. Your child seeing a responsible adult handling a gun will set a good example and if they choose to use guns when they are old enough, they’ll know exactly what to do.

3. Be Straight Forward

Children are naturally curious, and that’s okay, but make sure that you are straightforward and honest about the rules around guns and answer any questions that they have. The more you ease away their curiosity, the more that they’ll understand the seriousness of gun use.

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