Quick Guide: Whitetail Hunting 101 | Hunting Supplies Greenville, NC

Greenville Marine & Sports Center has the best selection of hunting supplies in Greenville, NC. We want you to know all the facts when it comes to hunting, fishing, or any outdoor activities. Over the years our experts have learned tricks and tips for hunting whitetail deer. Read more below to get exclusive tips.

1. Find Their Food Source

It seems like a pretty easy concept that the whitetail deers would hang out where the food is, but you have to know what. Whitetails typically reside close to beechnut, corn, and fruits. You will also have to do some careful looking because whitetails typically find thickly covered places. If you find this area, you’ve hit the jack pot. They rarely stray too far from this source because whitetails can eat over 10 pounds of food a day.

2. Be Aware of the Wind

As a general hunting trick, you’ll want to be analyzing the wind patterns. Write in your journal what you’re noticing. This is important because you need this information to assess how it will influence your bullets, arrows, or bolts. Many of our experts find that carrying some mini bubble bottles does a great job of determining the weather conditions.

3. Stay On Top of Research

The best thing you can do is look up local accounts the whitetail populations’ habits in your area. Typically people will talk about where they reside and what times of the month is preferable for hunting. You will also want to stay on top of whether or not your area is overharvesting your area’s whitetail population.

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