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If you’re a new boat owner, there are some important things you should avoid doing out in the water. Everyone has to start somewhere – we all did – but you’ll be a better boat owner if you’re prepared.

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Keep reading to learn about 10 common mistakes when it comes to boating.

1. Failing to Check the Marine Weather Forecast

Tuning in to marine weather prior to each and every trip is a must, unless you want to be surprised by gusty winds, rough seas, and sudden storms. And remember, this means marine weather, not those regular land-based forecasts which regularly post lower wind speeds and no sea conditions.

2. Running Aground

Running a ground is a lot more common than you might think, and can have varying degrees of severity depending on where you do your boating. On a soft mud or sand bottom it’s usually no big deal, but in a rocky harbor, hitting bottom can do some serious damage. You cannot see what is in dark water. Use the local marker buoys.

The solution? Always be aware of where you are and what the local underwater hazards may be. And when in doubt, slowing down is a good idea.

3. Forgetting to Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

Making this mistake can have very serious consequences, especially when it comes to your boat’s propulsion systems. Be sure to peruse these Boat Maintenance pages, create a schedule, and stick to it.

4. Hitting the Dock

There’s an old saying among boaters, and it has a lot of value when it comes to making this mistake: never approach a dock faster than you’re willing to hit it. Even when you’re doing everything right, a sudden power loss or mechanical problem can strike. The net result? Boat, meet dock. Dock, meet boat. Crunch!

5. Running Out of Gas

As you might guess, this is one of the most common mistakes people make. Remember that fuel consumption and your boat’s range can be changed by factors like sea conditions and load. Making matters worse, fuel gauge readings can change as fuel sloshes in the tank, and the fuel gauges on boats are often not as reliable as those found in automobiles in the first place.

As a result, smart boaters will stick with the following formula: use one third fuel capacity going out, use one third coming back, and save one third in reserve.

6. Forgetting to Put in the Drain Plug

This is another mistake that’s all too familiar to many of us, especially trailer-boaters, who commonly remove the plug between uses. No wonder it earns a mention in our article How to Launch a Boat, which we hope all trailer-boaters read through, in any case.

7. Overloading the Boat

This miscalculation can be downright dangerous, so always keep track of the weight of both people and gear when you’re loading up the boat. Check the boat’s capacity plate to make sure you’re in the safe zone, if you haven’t already memorized your boat’s maximum capacity.

8. Getting Lost

Although this happens less and less on the water these days thanks to modern marine electronics and navigation instruments it does still happen. And any electrical systems can have gremlins, so you need to always be aware of your location and how to get home regardless of what electronics you have aboard.

9. Putting Out Insufficient Anchor Line

Anchoring a boat seems like a simple task: just drop down the anchor, cleat off the line, and the boat will stay put… right? Not necessarily.

Even in calm seas if you don’t let out enough line to match three times the depth, the anchor may well pull free. And in a breeze, a “scope” (length of anchor line) of 5:1 or 7:1 as compared to water depth is considered minimal. When it’s rough out, 10:1 may be necessary.

10. Running the Engine Dry

The vast majority of marine engines (excluding air-cooled and electric engines) require a supply of water for cooling purposes. But not only does the water cool the engine, it also lubricates the water pump impeller commonly found in most marine propulsion systems. Run a boat motor while it’s on dry land without a sufficient water supply, and it will overheat, the impeller will be damaged, or both.

First-Time Boat Owner? | Boat Dealers | Greenville NC | Rocky Mount NC

For over 49 years, Greenville Marine & Sport Center has been serving Pitt and Beaufort counties and Eastern North Carolina. We are your local boat, motor, and trailer dealer. We offer many brands of boats and engines, and our experienced sales and service staff is excited to help you buy a new or used boat. If you’re looking to buy a new or used boat, look no further! Check out our boat inventory and let us know what catches your eye.

If you’ve recently become a first-time boat owner, congratulations! There’s a lot to consider and learn when you buy your first boat. We’re here to help you out with a few tips. In brief, here’s a checklist from DiscoverBoating.com:

  1. Secure boat insurance.
  2. Learn how to trailer your boat.
  3. Learn how to launch and retrieve your boat.
  4. Determine where you will store your boat.
  5. Understand basic maintenance requirements.
  6. Stock your boat with the proper equipment.
  7. Follow a pre-departure checklist.
  8. Master basic on-the-water operating skills.
  9. Always practice safe and responsible boating.
  10. Enjoy your new boat!

Now, a bit more about a couple of these tips:

Do you really need to insure your boat?

You need to insure your boat, both for liability and for damage to the boat, and in that regard boat insurance is similar to the policy that covers your automobile.

It’s important to understand that there are some types of coverage that are specific to boats.

  • For example, a policy with specific fuel-spill liability protects you from clean-up claims or third-party damage caused by the accidental discharge of oil or fuel, if your boat were to leak fuel or sink in a marina.
  • If you have an accident while towing, your boat policy may pay to repair or replace the trailer as well as the boat.
  • If your trailer causes injuries to people or damage to property, your auto policy should cover the liability.

Check both policies to make sure you are covered. Other factors to consider are special requirements for boats in hurricane zones, boats leaving U.S. waters, and boats traveling far from shore.

Where are you going to store your new boat?

You might store your new boat on its trailer, but where will you park it? Not all communities permit boats to be parked-long-term in a residential driveway. Will your boat trailer fit in your garage? Maybe you need a trailer with a swing-away tongue. There are many other boat-storage options, from a dry stack valet service to mooring in a marina.

Pro Tip: If your boat will be stored outside, invest in a good cover. Keep the boat protected from UV rays and weathering, and it’ll look much better a few years down the road.

If you haven’t bought your first boat yet because you’re waiting to find the perfect boat, let us help! To contact our boat shop, please call (252) 758-5938. To contact our outdoor shop, please call (252) 758-5945. Come by and see us!

Why You Should Buy a Boat! | Boat Dealers | Greenville NC | Rocky Mount NC

Regardless of what kind of boat you’re thinking about buying – a center console, a pontoon, or a speed boat – there are plenty of advantages to owning a boat. If you’re on the fence about buying, let us convince you! Here are several great reasons why you should buy the boat:

  1. Boating reduces stress. We all know how stressful daily life can be, especially over the last year. Being near water is an instant mood-booster for many people. What’s better than being near water? On it in your own boat! You’ll be happier after you buy that boat.
  2. Boating provides exercise. Another way to relieve stress, there are so many water sports that you might partake in once you buy a boat. Think water skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and even fishing. These recreational activities offer lots of exercise. Get out there!
  3. Owning a boat requires mastering new skills. You read that right – you’ll have to learn more skills when you own a boat.
  4. Owning a boat can strengthen your relationships. If you want to take your family out on the weekends, surely spending that quality time together will strengthen your relationships. Boating offers many fun experiences for friends, partners, and families.
  5. Owning a boat makes you part of a fun community. Being part of the boating community is a great privilege. You’ll meet lots of folks you may not have had a chance to meet without a boat. Make new friends!

There are many more reasons why owning a boat will bring more happiness to your life, but these are just a few. Go for it – buy the boat you’ve had an eye on, and get out into the water!

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