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It hasn’t been so scaldingly hot recently, and you know what that means: fall is coming. When the leaves start falling, it’s a smart idea to start thinking about where and how you will store your boat for the cold winter months. If you’re planning to store your boat outside, there are some things you should know. A couple of options include:

1. Parking your boat on your property

If you have room on your property and your homeowner’s association allows, some owners choose to store their boats at home on a trailer. It makes it easy to work on your boat, and you don’t have to drive to a storage facility to pick it up.

It’s not for everyone and not best for every type of boat, though. Unless you have a small boat or a large piece of property and space from neighbors, you’ll probably want more room.


  • You don’t have to pay storage fees.
  • Getting to your boat is easy, and you can hitch up quickly.
  • You can keep an eye on your boat yourself.


  • Neighbors and homeowners associations may not allow this option.
  • Your boat is still outside and exposed to more elements than indoor storage.
  • If you live in a high-traffic area, your boat could be at risk of burglary.

2. Outdoor boat storage at a self-storage facility

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where winter never gets too harsh, you may want to opt for an outdoor self-storage facility to store your boat. They’re usually the most cost-effective option and still offer better security than storing your boat on your property.


  • These facilities are the most cost-effective, especially for larger boats that would otherwise have high slip fees.
  • Security systems and guards help dissuade people from messing with your boat


  • Even with a good cover, your boat will still be exposed to the elements to some degree.
  • These facilities can sometimes have rodent problems, and curious raccoons and mice can make themselves at home in your boat during the offseason.

3. Covered boat storage at a self-storage facility

A step above completely exposed storage facilities, covered storage lots are still accessible and allow you to keep your boat more protected from the elements. These facilities can usually accommodate boats of all sizes and are also a good choice if you have limited space on your property.

While they’re still technically outdoors, these types of storage offer structural shelter from sun and rain and are a good in-between option for those looking for a little more protection.


  • More protection from outdoor conditions than only your boat’s cover.
  • Most facilities have a surveillance system, and your boat won’t be exposed to as much foot traffic as in a neighborhood.
  • These types of facilities can be less expensive than entirely indoor boat storage options.


  • Without full indoor storage, your boat is still somewhat exposed to outdoor conditions.
  • These types of facilities are not everywhere, and there may not be one close enough to where you like to boat to be worth the other benefits.

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