How to Load a Boat onto a Trailer | Boat Dealers | Greenville NC | Rocky Mount NC

The perfect ending for a day on the water starts with a stress-free retrieval of your boat—which includes successfully loading it back on its trailer for a safe trip home. Here are some simple step-by-step instructions for navigating that process.

  1. Start by idling up to the launch-ramp dock, and putting your vehicle driver and crew ashore. While they walk up to the parking lot and prepare to back down the ramp, you can idle and wait out of the way.
  2. When you see your tow vehicle backing down the ramp, get the boat in position.
  3. The driver should put the vehicle in park and set the parking brake.
  4. Your driver can now be ready to hop on the trailer tongue or step into the water to help secure the boat on the trailer.
  5. The trailer should be backed into the water as straight as possible, and at a depth that allows the boat to float over the rear two-thirds of the trailer bunks.
  6. Now, you can idle the boat over the bunks, aligning the bow peak with the trailer bow stop.
  7. If the ramp is shallow you may need to trim your outboard motor or sterndrive up a bit so the prop doesn’t hit bottom.
  8. When the boat bumps the bow stop on the winch post, or gets close, your helper can clip the winch strap to the bow eye, and use the winch to pull the boat up snug to the winch post, and then secure the safety chain.
  9. If the boat ends up a little crooked on the trailer, try backing down the ramp just a little to allow the boat to float and center itself. Now tilt the motor or drive up, and the vehicle driver can slowly pull the boat and trailer up the ramp.
  10. Just as when launching, you’ll want to pull your rig out of the way of ramp activity to unload gear and prepare the trailer and boat for the highway.

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