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You read that right: you should buy a boat this winter! Many folks considering buying a boat may not think that winter is the best time to buy a boat, and really, any time you want to buy a boat is the right time. But while summer is the most popular time to buy a boat, there may be a better time: winter.

Boats are more expensive during summer.

Why would you want to buy a boat and then wait several months to be able to use it? The answer is simple: it’ll save you money. Higher demand means prices go up, so consider buying your boat during the off-season.

You get a better selection.

Going back to supply and demand, if demand is higher for boats in the summer, then there will be more competition over the same boats. But during winter, you’ll have a better pick of boats on the market, and you’re more likely to get exactly the boat you’ve been wanting.

You can get exactly the specifications you’ve been dreaming of.

Buying a new boat comes with a whole host of specifications for you to choose from. From the color of the upholstery to the electronics, to the type of engine these boats are often built to order. And the waiting lists can be several months long. Place your order in spring and summer and you may very well miss the entire season waiting impatiently for your boat to arrive. Plan ahead, however, and get your order in during winter and you can wait slightly more patiently for your perfect customized boat to be delivered right in time for the boating season to kick off.

You can spend the whole winter getting your boat ready.

This is especially relevant for used boats which may need a little work or maintenance. Buying in the winter months means you have plenty of time to get it shipshape and ready for a long season of cruising. You’ll find at this time that there is less pressure on shipyards and, with a few months until you want to start using your boat, you can enjoy a leisurely maintenance or refit schedule. It will also allow you to spread the costs over several months. Buy in the summer and you’ll be chomping at the bit to get going and want all your work done as quickly as possible.

Plus, don’t forget that boating in winter is delightful. Buy that boat ASAP and get out there!

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